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In the physical world, the light is major nutrient, which feeds the evolution of all life. Our body needs nutrients, amino acids, and enzymes. In addition to it the human body, also needs in specific portions of the light whose role is management of balance of all vital functions of the human being.

1. The color therapy

The basis of Color Therapy is knowledge about using colors for healing. Our need for particular colors differ from day to day. All the natural colors have healing energy. The best way to get the most benefit from color is to use natural the colors and light vibrations.

Unlike traditional medicine that envisions use of medications with potent side effects, color therapy is based on noninvasive power of a wide variety of colorís healing effects. Color therapy is a powerful self-healing tool that can be used at home. Colour Medicine is truly, the medicine of the future.

2. The Bible colors

The ability of the musical sounds to create color images has led to the creation of color-music and has also served as a basis for the research in the field of color images of speech sounds. In Hebrew, vowels have the colors of the rainbow and the complete color palette consists of 72 colors. Learn more about the colors of the Bible

VISN software

VISN software

3. The Bible color instructions

All the Bible are coded. Recently research on the Hebrew colors have discovered the following unique properties of the Jewish sacred texts:

1. The color palette of the Hebrew consists of 72 colors.

2. The visual phenomena of the Jewish sacred texts consists of spatial flickering colors that are pulsated with frequencies between 1 and 40 Hz (the human brain waves).

3. In the Bible are coded over 100 thousand unique visual phenomena ( the color instructions).

4. The Bible color instructions are accurate prescription for color impact on the human body and mind by balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

Our need for particular colors are differ from day to day. The accurate amounts and suitable combinations of colors and also their frequencies of pulsations are critical in healing. The Bible color instructions are accurate prescription for amounts and suitable combinations of colors that allows effective and natural to impact on the visual and nervous systems.

4. Light color therapy software

The human body needs and utilizes all of the spectral colors, and the lack of any one of them can cause health disorders. Chlorosis, anaemia, leukaemia, emaciation, muscular debility, degeneration of heart and liver, dropsical effusion, softening of bones, nervous excitability, physical deformity, stunted growth and consumption are the result of excluding oneself from the beneficial effects of sunlight.

The light is our food and drugs. The specific combinations of colors and accurate amounts of color are critical in healing. The Bible color instructions for the visual stimulation of the brain has a potential of achieving practical results in treatment through offering natural prescriptions for color therapy and visual stimulation of the brain.

The Bible color instructions database contains over 100 thousand prescriptions for color therapy. Order Now !! light color therapy software and online service usingthe Bible color instructions database.

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